BLOG PARADE: Love of my life!

“The Love of My Life” By Ian iPhone
October 2017 Sedona, AZ

Murmel Meister at her Blog post (linked above) proposed a Blog Parade where participants are asked to share their love by writing about the love of their life. So I will do that in as few words as I can. Please visit the link and share the love.

Here Goes! In great esteem of and for Murmel Meister

Suffice it to say, I’ve had a few “Loves of my life,” through out the decades. ALL contributed to who I am, how I love; what I value. All of these abide with me because I never let that love go; all are held in my heart. None are forgotten. But of all the loves of my life I have ever had, I only ever married one. I can see myself abiding with this man for the rest of my life; in sickness and in health – through good times and hard times. I love this man, and so all that abides with me through my entire loves journey still abides with me, and it is made strongest and most…everything with him; I am fortified in Love. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


16 thoughts on “BLOG PARADE: Love of my life!

  1. LOL…it took more than half of a life time to just grasp the essentials of different expressions of what love can be. Sometimes I feel Ike many people would disagree with some aspects I see as a “degree” of love because I try to see love in the darker shades of grey…which is SCARY AS HELL (no joke…can break the heart into many pieces). Touching this…or even just looking at these degrees…does not make one anywhere near a master of love…not by a Lonnnnnng ass shot, NO! Alternatively however, it can foster courage…because in the darker shades of grey, MAN! It’s quite close to evil. Who want to look at that…let alone touch it. Courage in the face of fear (when I can bear it. I am so sick of fear. (groan…ugh…”God, please help me…I’m terrified). I am NOT kidding!

    But there it all is…the whole spectrum between night and day. We live our days through wake and sleep by this. Sometimes the nights are moonless…feelings so…shaded, and then the day breaks, and we can see the sources of those dark shadow…that’s when we put our finger on that source…and say, “ah HAH! You were just an old teddy bear after all. Now…get in this closet or off to goodwill with you!”

    Tough love…isn’t quite in the realm of the darker grey, it might be in the middle grey…heading into…or in direction of…deeper shade…which makes it hard to see, and that’s not joke either! But from here, the day break is more gentle…and their is some bird song with it…cheerful, and it’s ok…not near as heart wrenching. (Sigh)


  2. Ian, that picture says it all. Absolutely wonderful. Your words are very emotional too. I am very happy for you and wish you all the best! Thanks so much for sharing that love! I’m loving it.


    1. WE ALL LOVE YOU TOO FOR THE LOVE YOU SAHRE. IT’S ALL OVER YOUR BLOG SITE, and thanks for letting me share, too! It’s truly Wonderful, and I am so delighted.

      Thank you!!


    1. Yes! I wrote an article Life the is Love [period] and there I spoke about how we love.
      Blessings come in all kinds of ways. I could have titled it “Love is Tricky [fo’ sho’]. LOL

      Thanks for the blessing of your comment. It is a blessing. Oh…there is a title someone could have for an article…”Love is a Blessing.” LOL

      Blessings to you, Nanette…many many blessings…and miracles!

      Thank you!

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  3. Finding true love is not easy. I am so happy for you two – keep the love burning 🙂 You guys are so cute and really happy in the picture. Take care always!


    1. My husband has such an easy laugh, and he loves to be loved, and I love him. He’s a good man. The lessons he’s taught me were tough ones, so he has a degree of tough love I’ve always needed (but not always wanted). Thanks Wifeblah! Thanks so much for your comment. You “Take Care,” too.

      Much love in a shared spirit!

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      1. LOL…I’m Off Call in an hour! Yeah! Then back on Sunday 08:30 to 08:30…then off for three days! I LOVE my days off, so I hope your long stretch is rewarded with some good good loving and restful days off! Thanks for all you do…which IS A LOT!!!

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      2. Lord! I hope your days aren’t alternating…get three days off altogether and not one off and the next on. I always found that most grueling with 12 hour shifts!


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