Author’s Bio & Mission

Welcome to our works!

Within this site, it is with tremendous hope that some work can be done between us; among the ranks that include the writer and the readers. Here there will be encouragement to participate by way of comments – thoughtful consideration to the content based on how it is seen, felt and what experiences that brought these forward into written form.

My name is Ian. I’ve spent the better part of three decades working as a practical nurse in the field of hospice. I really dig abstract and black & white photography, and I’ve worked with this medium as an enthusiast for about as long as I’ve been a nurse. Cooking is another big passion I have. Photography and cooking have always been a great interest to me. One is for my personal creative expression, and the other is for health and a primary outlet for caring.

These aside, however, I have a greater passion: Active and Passive discovery of what it is that makes people tick by observing and interacting with the ideas we live by. In an attempt to bring what is a driving passion into a concrete and shared forum, it is a sincere desire that this site will create “Common Ground” and establish a “Common Sense” about the world we’re looking at and for; all done for our “Common Good.”

Thanks for joining me in this endeavor. I can’t wait to see what we work out together.

Always in peace and Love in spirit